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Lockdown Day 8 - Chaos and Clairvoyance!

Picture Courtesy : Google Images This slumber is a silent time for a lot of chaos to surface. At least for me it is so. Despite this very appropriate break that we’ve got, to unwind and relax, the body and mind has been giving in to a lot of hidden pains and chaos that was settled deep within but now is causing an imprudent unsettlement. One may think so! The feeling is inexplicable. This restlessness is also a part of the journey and it is very important to get out of this phase with more clarity if not anything else. Restlessness and obscurity surfaces when we have been trying to contemplate or introspect. I think, whether we try or not, we are eventually doing it during this time. There are dreams, vivid or blurred, doesn’t matter, but they are all trying to tell us something. I had revelations at many levels - during meditation sessions, introspective sessions while reading randomly on internet or books. The clarity isn’t there yet, because these are life

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