Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Girlfriends - Part 2

Girlfriends - Part 1

"Your children don't stay with you?
Have they forsaken you for good?
It's a pity that the new generation
Are disrespecting the piety of motherhood"

"No no, it is not the case,
I seriously have no time to spare
I get so busy with my grand kids
For them I really do care"

"Aah, that's good, because my kids too
Are lovely, rich and nice
My little one's son is such a brat
and the elder one is smart and wise"

"40 years have passed, since we dreamt of
nice family, flair and fun
and everytime I think i've accomplished
it feels I've just begun"

"Ohh, you couldn't be more correct
When you say all this so true
I like my days of sinister madness
the time I spent with you"

"The discussions on life, the dreams so real"
"The careless wandering on the unknown streets"
"The numerous fights, the uptown guys"
"The blind dates and midnight treats"

"You remember at one point I fell in love
with the guy who sat next to me?"
"The chemistry class was therefore fun
I could, oh - so clearly see"

...to be contd.

PS: To distinguish different speakers and their dialogues, refer to the double quotes.


  1. Wonderful - continuity of the mood is gerat, and it is building up. I thought there was a twist somewhere...but I guess I'll need to wait.

  2. @Gyanban: Thanks!! I am sure there'll be a twist somewhere!!

  3. Was having a hectic day in the office...when I read this...and forgot the work for few mins..

    It brought out a smile :)


  4. @kunal: i am so glad it brought you out of the hectic work schedule.. Thanks for the comment..


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